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Nomad Caravan, Motorhome hire in Romania

Nomad Caravan

We, at Nomad Caravan, are addressing those in love with travels. Those who wish to visit many places during their holiday an wish to be mobile. But still have the comfort and facilities of a home.

We are passionate about traveling and our motorhomes offer freedom, spontaneity, communion with nature … This kind of tourism is for those who want to taste the Nomad lifestyle

Another kind of turism

Nomad Caravan intends to offer a whole new travel experience compared to the traditional hotel accommodation. You can camp in the heart cities, enjoying what they offer, but also in the middle of nature. You have at your doorstep both a fancy restaurant in a metropolis and your sports equipment in case you want to do a bike ride or practice winter sports. By renting a caravan, you can have everything listed above.

Nomad Motorhomes are not only suitable for summer, at seaside or lake, mountain or shady forest. Any hobby they have, from swimming in the sea, to cycling, fishing, to  hiking on mountain paths, tourists can enjoy all of this. And no age is inappropriate to ride a caravan. Elderly people can look for a peaceful camp, young people bohemian or the energy of music, and children … the children are most pleased with these adventures, no matter at what camping spot.

But Nomad motorhomes are also suitable in the winter. Equipped with heating systems, they provide the tourist’s comfort even at minus temperatures. Imagine a ski vacation leaving in the morning your little house on wheels.

Nomad Caravan is involved in spreading caravan tourism, offering Romanian tourists the same services as in Western Europe. Where there is a culture for this kind of holidays.

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Nomad Caravan