Compact Range

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Compact Range

The Nomad team offers you new camper/caravan for rent, campervan, first registration in 2019, warranty, assistance, professional cleaning prior to pickup. The takeover and delivery of the authorities/trailers takes place in Sibiu. Customers from other cities can park their personal cars at Nomad headquarters.

Technical information about self-hire/caravan for rent Nomad:

  • Category: Campervan
  • Capacity: 96 kW (131 PS)
  • Fuel: Diesel
  • Length: 5,995 mm
  • Width: 2,050 mm
  • Height: 2,700 mm
  • Number of sleeping places: 4
  • Number of places in the walk: 4


  • Parking heater for all models
  • Stationary air conditioning In some models, parking conditioners only work when the authority is connected to the current 220
  • Air conditioning in the cabin in the walk to all models
  • TV equipped with USB port, HDMI and DVD
  • Marquis 300 cm or 450 cm depending on the model of the Autorilota
  • Support for 2 or 4 bicycles in some models
  • Tempomat to all models
  • Pickup Training
  • Solar panels in some models

In addition, we offer you for NOMAD rented authorities:

  • Unlimited number of km
  • Casco Insurance and compulsory insurance RCA
  • Camping Set consisting of table and chairs
  • Cheerful
  • We are pet-friendly, so the pet is welcome

The authorities/trailers provide autonomy on 2-3 days, depending on how users manage water, current and gas resources. Saving resources is a lifestyle for trailers and needs to be adapted by people renting such recreational vehicles. The vacation with the self/caravan will be a totally different from any other holiday type. With a fleet of new vehicles, from 2017, Nomad team guarantees your comfort. and your family. During the entire journey.

During your rental, we are always available for support and support at the phone number on the site.

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